Primary Teacher Training
Dedicated to the education of children, the building blocks of the nation.
Teachers are men and women who have given their lives to uplifting others lives.

Aim & Objective

  • To nurture religious, intellectual, physical, cultural and professional growth among trainees
  • To instill qualitative, modern, scientific, moral values among teacher and students
  • It is committed to prepare wise, committed, sympathetic, qualified teachers who will dedicate their lives to learning and teaching and service to the Nation
  • To live for common good and trust others
  • To inculcate leadership, technological and managerial qualities
  • To prepare ideal person who is research oriented and broad-minded
  • To prepare persons with values and character
  • To fashion conscious and reflective persons
  • To develop qualities of self-confidence, self-discipline, hard work
  • To accept self and others and be able to live in any situation
  • Be respectful, loving and good to children
  • Priority is given to Christian students and students from rural area and weaker sections of community
  • It Imparts two years residential elementary (Primary) teacher’s training course with the intake of 100 trainees every year